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Best vacation ever

2 May

Best vacation ever

This was taken during my vacation  😀


Modern warfare 4 ?

2 May

HOLY SHI*T I saw this during my vacation but I have to post this !!!

With the recent release of the next coming franchise of the call of duty, call of duty ghost. I really hope that activation doesn’t fail me like how black ops 2 failed to entertain me. I only played black ops 2 for 1 month and I already was bored with it, and I know im not the only one who thinks this way. Unlike black ops 2, the modern warfare series doesn’t bore me at all. I can play for hours and hours and still entertains me. There’s just something about killing someone with a throwing knife that a combat axe just cannot do. Anyways, I wish activation does good on this release and you can read more about it here.

CIA and MI6

30 Apr

Something to read if you’re bored at work or just something to update you on the news. have fun 😉

Game of thrones & vikings day

29 Apr

With game of thrones on its 5th episode coming out later this afternoon, I came about this article  and I never really saw this aspect of game of thrones. I’m inviting my friends over in my condo in pasig. to watch episode 5 of game of thrones and vikings, a new television series of History channel about the history of vikings.  😀 


“We don’t accep…

24 Apr

“We don’t accept applications, only commitment”

United State Marine Core slogan for recruitment


“You call it mo…

23 Apr

“You call it monopoly, I call it enterprise”


17 Apr

I was in my vacation when I heard about the boston bombing 😦 pray for boston !!