15 May

I’ve been seeing a lot of photographers on tumblr and I have to say they are really good. You can go check out the long list here, but I wanna talk about how sites like are important for our youth in this era. Kids this days need a place where they can keep their identity a secret and shout to the world how they feel by posting or re blogging what they see in tumblr.


In tumblr they also showcase the different personalities and skills a person has by allowing them customize they’re own site for free, and it this accessibility which makes tumblr so famous. The amount of things you can do is limitless and it doesnt cost you a single dollar. Something which kids want to do but cant is to spend money in the internet,but of course they dont have the money to spend so they end up in sites where in use is very limited unless you pay. I think that there should be more sites like tumblr, wordpress, etc… so our youth today has a place to channel all their emotions and dont have to deal with it. Someplace where they can share their dreams, vacations, and ideas. I hope someday there will be more social media sites like tumblr so that we can stay more connected and become more creative


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