Gun ban sucks

9 May

Its election time in the Philippines and its messing up with the summer vacation of airsoft enthusiast. It has been gun ban in the Philippines for over 2 months now , and summer is coming to a close. June 12 will be the day when it will be lifted and I am going to let go of all my left over bb’s over the years. We plan on playing in “sitting ducks” a field in Pasig city. There are also a number of game sites in Philippines, but it takes awhile to get there.

I miss going to the field and just crawling in the crap infested, ant infected, and wet soil. I miss getting behind enemy lines and picking them off one by one, but what I miss the most is the rush. The rush of being shot at and shooting back, the rush of knowing that you need to run on an open field in clear sight of the enemy.

I’m planning to buy a new AEG rifle either the HK 417 or HK 416. There’s not much difference but I like them both equally and its hard to decide which one to take. If ever I get both, I’m planning on buying a second hand 416 and a brand new 417. Help me out in the comments ! thanks !



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