Condominium vs House

2 May

This is a topic I’ve seen a lot in the internet while searching for advice so I’ve decided to make my own.

Condominiums are a double edged blade, You can win big or lose a lot if you invest on a unfinished project. You can make millions if you make the right decisions and buying a condo is obviously cheaper than a house. One of the most obvious reason why condo’s are cheaper than houses is that the initial price maybe 1/4 of a price of a house plus you also get meditates like pools, gyms, courts, etc.. ( ex : Kasara urban resorts ) The downside on buying a condo is that the area maybe to congested or to noisy .

Buying a house however is a more expensive investment but then it may be more practical depending on you. If you have a family of 4 or more than maybe a town house or a house is more practical for you and your family. Also, you have more freedom to decorate your home because it will obviously have more space and you have more freedoms.

Again, I maybe a little bias because I’ve chosen a condo but these are my personal opinions 🙂


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