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Kasara vs Rochester

30 Apr

I’ve talked to one of the sales representatives of empire east and he introduced me to this new condo called the Rochester. I believe that its near makati, but I still wanna live in Pasig city. I dunno which one to take but Im still leaning to the kasara.

CIA and MI6

30 Apr

Something to read if you’re bored at work or just something to update you on the news. have fun ūüėČ

Game of thrones & vikings day

29 Apr

With game of thrones on its 5th episode coming out later this afternoon, I came about this article¬† and I never really saw this aspect of game of thrones. I’m inviting my friends over in my condo in pasig. to watch episode 5 of game of thrones and vikings, a new television series of History channel about the history of vikings.¬† ūüėĬ†

Pasig city ( Pro’s and cons )

26 Apr

Here’s a list of Pro’s and cons I see if I move into Pasig City


– close to a lot of local landmarks ( eastwood, SM megamall, shang-rila, etc.. )
Рsafe community 
Рeasily accessible 


The kasara sample unit

24 Apr


The kasara urban resort residences

Pictures sent by my brother


“We don’t accep…

24 Apr

“We don’t accept applications, only commitment”

United State Marine Core slogan for recruitment


“You call it mo…

23 Apr

“You call it monopoly, I call it enterprise”

Pictures of kasara show room

23 Apr

My brother just sent me pictures of the Kasara sample units and I based on the pictures he sent and the papers he faxed about the price, paying methods, amenities, and location. I have 3 comments.

1. The condo unit looks bigger than I thought i would be and it looks like it has a lot of free space for me to use. 
2. The condo unit itself is pretty fair and very afordable 
3. The resort looks very high class and looks very secrured 


17 Apr

I was in my vacation when I heard about the boston bombing ūüė¶ pray for boston !!

Kasara Urban Resort Residences

17 Apr

Soon to be known as the Philippines best condo in pasig! The Kasara urban resorts has so much to offer for everyone. It is a urban resort located between Eagle street & P.E Antonio street, and is near SM Hypermart and Tiendesitas. It also is placed in a 1.8 hectare land and is planned to have six high rise towers. In between the six kasara towers are the amenities of Kasara, equipped with a lake inspired pool, waterfalls between the towers, koi and turtle ponds in both entrances, the gym, the clubhouse, and many more. Kasara also wants to be as eco friendly as possible so in all its six towers, all have two sky gardens located in the 25th floor and can be accessed by anyone in the resort. Kasara also uses large windows to illuminate the corridors using the sun’s natural light, and the resort itself will be surrounded by plants and trees. Meanwhile, behind the towers there are jogging paths, playgrounds, and infinity pools for you to use and enjoy. The developer of Kasara urban resort residences is Empire East Land Holding Inc. which is the sister company of Megaworld. Kasara is also known as a high end vacation home due to its prices. The price is averaged around 97,000 pesos per square meter in Kasara urban resort residences ,and as of the moment tower one is sold out and tower two is ready for pre selling and will be turned over on 2016 & 2017.